Real Estate Wholesalers, Flippers & Investors:

I'll Build You an Off-Market Acquisition System and Personally Help You 3x Your Investment Guaranteed

Without spending thousands of dollars on marketing, or trusting your dealflow to VAs who make $2/hr, and without needing to do any soul-crushing cold calls

Off-Market Acquisition System - And How I Guarantee You Get a Minimum of 300% Return on Your Investment

Who am I?

I'm Bruno Maluf and I run multiple seven figure companies that profit by finding killer off-market deals to 1) wholesale, 2) flip, or 3) brrrr.The secret to my success is that I focused on the most high-leverage skill there is in the real estate world: Acquisitions.My team and I have been testing and refining the best ways to get directly in contact with motivated sellers for years.We got to the point where we could predictably find deals off-market deals would make for great wholesales, flips, and rentals anywhere in the US.We created the Off-Market Acquisition System and used it to scale each of our businesses to 7 seven figures within a year.Now I offer to implement the exact same system for people like you and guarantee that you close deals to 3x your investment or you don't pay.I can only offer a guarantee like this because I extremely confident in this system as it's made multiple millions of dollars for my companies.My team and I are full-time real estate investors, not some marketing company trying to sell you leads... we are in the business each and every waking moment of our lives, and since there's nothing special about us, we are 100% confident thatHere's what the system looks like:

Define Buying Criteria

Build Prospect List

Setup Acquisition System

Launch Campaigns

Begin Qualifying Leads Immediately

Property Walkthrough

Offer & Negotiate

Close & Execute

Step 1: Define Buying Criteria

1 on 1 call where we:

  • Define exactly what kind of properties you're looking for

  • Specify deal strategy, whether you'll wholesale, flip, brrr, buy & hold, value-add, etc...

  • Create plan for executing on the deal based on your unique situation & finances

  • Specify by property types and geographical locations

We will use this to build a list of prospects. For example: 2-4 unit Multi Family buildings in Cincinnati County, OH that haven't been sold in 10 years.

Step 2: Build Prospect List

My team will:

  • Build a list of 30,000 properties that match your specific criteria

  • Skiptrace the entire list to get all of the owners' contact info including phone #s, emails, mailing addresses, etc...

  • Organize it into a usable file on Google Sheets or Excel and download as CSV

This will be the prospect list that you'll market to and follow up with automatically within the Off-Market Acquisition System

Step 3: Setup Acquisition System

Your personal account rep will:

  • Onboard you onto the marketing software

  • Teach you best practices to achieve best results

  • Show you how to format and upload your list of 30,000 prospects

  • Help you set up your campaigns for launch

Step 4: Launch Campaigns

1 on 1 call where we:

  • Launch your first campaign together

  • Show you how to respond to and organize leads

  • Go over qualifying questions and CRM

Step 5: Begin Qualifying Leads Immediately

This is the good part. Your inbox will be flooding with leads that you get to:

  • Sort through prospects

  • Qualify leads

  • Book appointments

Step 6: Property Walkthrough

Before your first appointment we'll do another 1 on 1 call to prepare. At the appointment you'll do the following:

  • Walk through the property

  • Build rapport with the seller

  • Take plenty of pictures

  • Create a basic scope of work

Step 7: Offer Formulation

Another extremely valuable 1 on 1 call where we:

  • Go through the pictures to create a full scope of work and estimate rehab costs

  • Underwrite the deal to make sure it's good

  • Formulate an offer to write up and send to the lead

Step 8: Close & Execute

Once you close your first deal, we'll do yet another 1 on 1 call to do the following:

  • Create a step-by-step action plan to close on the deal

  • Create a plan and timeline for executing on the deal

  • PLUS: Use me as a resource to personally help make sure you get the most out of the deal that you can

Deal Examples:

Here are some of the deals done using this system...

Off Market Acquisitions

Done With Bruno

  • Acquisition System Built For You & Personalized Training On How To Use It ($2,500 Value)

  • Includes 30,000 Skiptraced Prospects & Marketing Costs So You Don't Have To Spend Another Penny ($3,000 Value)

  • Full Guidance Through Each Step And Accountability From Me Personally (Save Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars on Testing)

  • Dedicated Account Rep For Onboarding & Continued Support ($600 Value)

  • Access To My Personal Cell For Help When You Need It (Unquantifiable Value)

  • Discovery Call & Custom Action Plan ($500 Value)

  • 4 More High-Level 1-on-1 Calls With Me (Worth Thousands of Dollars)

  • Access To My Network Including Lenders (Unquantifiable Value + You'll Have These Forever)

  • Access To My Contracts & Other Resources (Worth Thousands of Dollars)

  • 100% Guaranteed To 3x Your Investment (Worth Triple What You Pay + You Can Use This System Forever With No Monthly Costs)

All this for a One-time Payment of


My 3x ROI
No-Risk Guarantee:

I'm so confident in this system that I fully guarantee that by following these steps exactly, you'll get a minimum of 300% return on your investment.I can only offer a guarantee like this because I'm 100% confident in this system, as it's personally helped me make millions of dollars for my companies.What do you have to lose?